Al Haramain Miracle 15ml (Unisex) A2


 Al Haramain Miracle 15ml (Unisex)

The warm fruity notes of the Al Haramain Miracle are a wonder in aromatic blend. As the calming notes wash over you in a fabulous harmony of pink pepper, spices, tarragon, and thyme you are reminded of days gone past. you are reminded of the innocence of youth, the irresistible urge to go out and dominate the world, this is for you, to look back with nostalgia the beauty of what was and the blessing of what will be. The freshness of this glorious perfume oil whilst coming off as being sharp, later settles to be a well balance aroma that appeals to your heart.

Fragrance notes:
Top notes: Pink Pepper, Spices, Tarragon, Thyme
Middle note: Costus, Galbanum
Base note: Leather Patchouli